LP01.1 ASSIGNMENT: Journal


4. Develop strategies for identifying and meeting customer needs by effectively applying the PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Act) model for quality improvement.
This learning plan addresses the following learning objectives to help you master the competency:
a. Formulate strategies for development at the care level, promoting patient involvement, and supporting patient-centered advocacy.
b. Incorporate tools and methods for quality assessment and improvement.
c. Design a personal quality improvement project utilizing the PDSA model.
d. Discuss change management strategies and abilities.


In this learning plan you will learn how to apply the PDSA model for quality improvement and the effect change has on the organization and the individual.Research Topic

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Throughout the course you will be able to apply the PDSA improvement model to a personal improvement project. Choose something that you can change and measure, examples include time management, stress reduction, budgeting, healthy living (can include weight loss, diet management and exercise), smoking cessation, improvement of speaking and communication skills. You will research this topic (that’s why this assignment is named “Research Topic”) Other improvement projects can be conducted once approved by the instructor.

For this week’s Journal post, you will begin the “Plan” step of the PDSA Improvement model by 1) determining what to change, 2) define what the ideal situation would be, and 3) how much time it will take you to change. This is your AIM statement. Also explain why you chose this project. Length (at least 250-350 words).

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