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Learning Plan 10
LP10.2 Assignment: Final Case Study
Directions: Read the case study “Southwest Airlines,” found in Part 2 of your textbook.

Review the “Guide to Case Analysis” found on pp. CA1 – CA11 of your textbook. (This guide follows the last case in the textbook.)

Use the Case Study Format as described in the “Guide to Case Analysis” to complete a written case analysis for “Southwest Airlines.” Ensure your case analysis is in APA format.
Your case analysis should include the following:
A case analysis overview, including the company’s current situation, most recent strategies, and significant problems/issues confronting management.
The results of your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis of the company.
The results of your financial analysis of the company, using at least three relevant Key Financial Ratios from Table 1 in the “Guide to Case Analysis.”
A detailed description of your recommended strategic changes that address the problems/issues you identified above.
A well-developed action plan for how the company should implement your strategic changes.
(To locate resources, visit NAU Online Library’s Business Subject Guide.)
NOTE: The final case study assignment is a benchmark assignment used for institutional and programmatic assessment. In addition to using the Scoring Guide below to award your course grade, the instructor will complete an assessment rubric found in Gradebook. The purpose is to assess student progress toward achieving specific Student Learning Outcomes; the assessment scores will not affect your course grade. Please contact your instructor if you have questions about this process.
Submit this assignment to your instructor via the dropbox “LP10.2 Assignment: Final Case Study.” This assignment is worth 150 points and will be graded according to the scoring guide below.
Scoring Guide (150 Points)
Rating Scale
Work meets or exceeds criterion at a high level of competence.
Work reflects an understanding of criterion with minor misunderstandings/misconceptions.
Criterion partially met, but one or more important concepts/skills are missing or flawed.
Work reflects an attempt to meet criterion, but significant misunderstandings/misconceptions are apparent.
Criterion not met or work is absent.

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The case analysis overview included the company’s current situation, most recent strategies, and significant problems/issues confronting management.
The Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis is thorough and relevant.
The financial analysis, including at least three Key Financial Ratios, is relevant and accurate.
The recommended strategic changes sufficiently address the stated problems/issues and are potentially viable.
The action plan is thorough and well developed.
The case analysis is effectively organized, logically developed, clearly written with no grammatical/spelling issues, presented in proper APA format, and cites 3 credible sources in addition to the textbook.


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