lululemon athletica Inc.

please read the case (in the attachment) and answer the following questions, Each answer should not exceed 450 words.

Q1: Analyze the impact of the general environment on Lululemon’s business. Highlight the demographic segment, global segment, political/legal segment, physical environmental segment, and sociocultural segment.

Q2: Identify Lululemon’s internal strengths and weaknesses.

Q3 What challenges will Lululemon face when expanding into Asia? Focus on factors such as culture, pricing, brand awareness, positioning, customer acquisition, distribution, etc. Given your analysis of the firm’s external and internal environments, what international corporate-level strategy would you recommend for Lululemon? Why?

Q4: What ethical issues has Lululemon experienced over the last few years? Analyze the impact of the ethical issues by addressing the stakeholders involved and consequences of the ethical issues. How could Lululemon have handled these issues differently?

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