Luna Community College Motivating People to Be Honest in Business Paper

What really motivates people to be honest in business | Alexander Wagner (Links to an external site.)What really motivates people to be honest in business | Alexander Wagner

Watch the video provided and write a 400 word reaction paper to what you learned and as well as how it was presented. Critique the video with pro’s and con’s. You will be doing a video persuasive video as an assignment so utilize this instruction to help with your video.

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A reaction paper is your general response to information you have acquired through actual experience,video and/or written material. The paper should reflect your opinions regarding the experience, video and/or written material. Specifically, the reaction paper might address the following questions.

      1. What did I learn from this experience/material?
      2. What suggestions would I make, if any, regarding the experience/material to make it more worthwhile?
      3. Do I agree or disagree with the author’s points of view? Why?
      4. What further information or research may be needed?
      5. How did the experience/materials change my viewpoint?
      6. What else would I have liked to learn about the experience/material?
      7. Did my feelings, attitudes, or beliefs change as a result of the experience/material?
      8. Did I learn more about topics important to me?
      9. Did I learn something I never knew or thought before?
      10. Did I gain new or fresh insights into things I already knew?


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