Lynn University Dalton Atomic Theory Presentation


This assignment serves to cover the basic scientific knowledge presented in chapter 3 of the DSL 100 iBook. Students will form pairs to investigate an assigned topic and report on it to the rest of the class. Each group will teach the rest of the class about their topic to the best of their abilities.

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The purpose of the assignment format is for the learning to be student-driven, and to have students fully engage in a scientific topic to increase their own understanding of the science beyond what a standard lecture can provide. The hope is that the increased understanding of the topic can then be passed on to the rest of the class while allowing students to be in control of their own education.

Topic For the presentation is:

Chapter 3.1

  • Dalton’s Atomic Theory, principal, history.

• about dalton himself his biography, his accomplishments and etc.

Also complete the formal outline

8-12 min long

Have thesis, and a opening statement

Put in note what needs to be said

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