M1, M2, 10-Year Treasury Note Yield

M1, M2, 10-Year Treasury Note Yield Exercise

You will need to track M1 and M2 from the Federal Reserve Web site and submit a chart for each. For the 10-Year Treasury Note yield (in percentages), you will need to track this using the Wall Street Journal’s Web site, www.wsj.com, or www.cnn.com/money (these sites are available through the UMUC library). This will also be submitted as a chart  by week 6. You will be responsible for providing a trend analysis of your findings in at least a paragraph that accompanies each of your three charts.


You can start from 2013 and go back 10 years. If you have problem to find data for 2013  you can start from 2012 and go back 10 years. The purpose is students should know how to do this exercise.

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