M2 Assignment – Assignment 2: The Scott Peterson Case

Assignment 2: The Scott Peterson Case

You are required to research the Scott Peterson case and prepare a summary report of the events that led to his arrest and eventual conviction of the crimes. There was no direct evidence that lead to his convictions for first and second-degree murder. This case is a California State case, where for the first time, someone is on death row based solely on circumstantial evidence. Scott Peterson is currently on the death row for the killing of his wife and unborn child.

This assignment allows you to see a case all the way from the trial to the sentencing of an accused.


  • Research the Argosy University Online Library to get the background facts of the case and document the sources you find to establish your researched facts.
  • Provide enough background facts that explain what occurred in this case and how Peterson was charged and ultimately convicted. Make sure you choose wisely and present only relevant evidence leading to the conviction.
  • Present a minimum of five items of evidence that the jury relied upon in reaching this decision.
  • Provide a summary of the events that led to Peterson’s arrest and eventual convictions of the crimes. Then, describe in detail the crimes and elements for which he was found guilty.
  • In the Argosy University Online Library, locate one or two articles from criminal justice journals, related to this case. Use the information to discuss the crimes charged in the Scott Peterson case.

Compile your summary report, including all information researched, and prepare a submission paper in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • This paper is to be in the APA format, with a cover sheet and a reference page at the end.
  • The length of the paper is to be a minimum of three pages and no more than five pages. This length does not include your cover sheet or reference page.

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