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We should not have to study females separately than males; girls and boys are delinquent for the same reason and should be treated the same.

argue that girls and boys ARE delinquent for the same reason and should be treated the same.

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+comment (around 100 words) to this 2 posts:

1) Tashey:To Be or Not To Be Delinquent?

When I reflect on my teenage years, there are a few factors that impacted my decision to not engage in delinquent behavior. I am an only child and my parents gave me anything I wanted. All I had to do was be respectful and go to school and get good grades. As long as i followed their rules I didn’t have a care in the world. There was no need for me to engage delinquent because I loved the lifestyle I had at such a young age and didn’t want it to be taken away. In order to stay on the right path I participated in being a cheerleader and I danced with a performance arts group outside of school. I knew that I had to do right in order to become successful and keep my parents happy.

2)Socorro: To Be or Not To Be Delinquent?

I think what impacted me the most not to engaged in delinquent behavior was my parents, since I was little my parents though me right from wrong and if one day I decided that I would do something wrong I would definitive was going to get it. My parents were very old school with me, and I never though of doing something wrong because I was scare of my parents not because they would hit me, (my parents never put a hand on me), but because of the respect that I had. Thinking of how disappointing they would be if I did something wrong would be worse than if they would of put a hand on me. And thank God they were like that because i have respect for others, for my elders and authorities, now a days I see kids talking back to their parents with no respect and to me thats a big NO NO.

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