Managing equality and diversity at work

You should prepare an essay (3000-word maximum) that answer one of the following 6 questions.
Your essay should cover the main theoretical positions relevant to the issue, include a wide range of correctly referenced academic research and policy evidence relevant to the argument you are putting forward, and provide a reasoned, well-argued conclusion that sums up your answer to the question as set. As befits work of a Level 6 standard, we are looking for well evidenced critique and not poorly substantiated assertion. Popular sources from Internet sites and ‘opinion’ statements are not what is required and will be penalised. You are advised to write using correct, precise terminology to maximise the ‘professional impact’ and persuasiveness of your writing. 
Bibliography is not included in the word count, but in-text citations are. There is no 10% margin on length – please state your word count clearly on your assignment. 
(you are free to choose the question that you feel it’s good for you and you do great job with it)
1. Critically evaluate the suggestion that gender equality in organisations will never be possible because organisations are ‘gendered’ in and of themselves. 

2. How useful is the concept of ‘institutional racism’ as an explanation for continuing ethnic disadvantage in employment within organisations? 

3. Foster and Wass argue that disabled people will never achieve organisational ‘fit’ while organisations design jobs on the basis of a standardised ideal of the able, nondisabled employee. To what extent do you agree? 

4. How far do you agree with the view that inequality and disadvantage in work organisations are best tackled by means of ‘positive action’ and ‘positive discrimination’? Illustrate your answer with reference to at least two areas of disadvantage. 

5. Critically assess the view that efforts by employers to promote LGBT+ diversity are too much concerned with ‘corporate image-building’ rather than building genuine inclusion. 

6. To what extent is it acceptable for an employer to make employment decisions on the grounds of a person’s physical appearance? Explain the implications of such discrimination for both employer and employee. 

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