Market Analysis, Pricing Strategy and Financial Assumption

Course Objectives:

(4) Assess a Case Study relative to Market Analysis, Pricing Strategy and Financial Assumptions.

Forum Prompt:

Read one of the case studies found in this week’s Lesson (see abstracts below).  In a well written post, share the following:

1. Which case study did you review?

2. Share three lessons learned from their experience.

3. How might you apply their experience to your proposed business?

Forum Instructions:

  • Please elaborate and provide substantive support for your findings by using credible sources in such as course text, articles, journals, etc.–be sure to attribute credit to these sources (any format is fine).
  • Also, you are required to respond to the initial posting from the Instructor as your original forum answer as well as respond to at least two (2) additional postings of two (2) fellow learners.
  • Original responses should be a minimum (performance at a B level) of 300 words

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