Marketing Planning for Hotwire Communications

Hotwire Communications wants to grow its internet services in South Florida. Hotwire offers fiber optics technology that provides consumers with faster internet. The company wants consumers to change their service provider (mostly from Comcast) to Hotwire. The problem is that consumers cannot try Hotwire because it is an underground technology. The company has to install it or ask customers to visit their location to try the service.

When the company started approaching customers, they tried to provide them with brochures and had meetings with HOAs (homeowners associations).  However, even though consumers were offered faster internet access and cable access at a lower cost (a small subsidy is included in their HOA fees), they were still reluctant to adopt this new service.

This is the website of the company:

Briefly answer question 1 (about 1 paragraph),  respond to question 2 (minimum 2 paragraphs)

1.Why do you think consumers are skeptical to adopt Hotwire’s services?

2.If you were consulting for the company, and you were asked to help them change consumers opinions, what would you do? Discuss three (or more) specific marketing planning, research, and/or promotional ideas in your response.


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