merits of certification exam(s)

merits of certification exam(s)

1. Which certification exam(s) (if any) are recognized in your state? Outline the steps to register to take the certification exam. If you have a choice of exams, please pick one and outline the steps to register for it. (10 points)

2. How do you obtain your license as a Nurse Practitioner in your state? (10 points)

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3. Outline the scope of practice for an NP in your state. (10 points)

4. How do you obtain prescription privileges in your state? (10 points)

5. Are you allowed to prescribe controlled substances in your state? If so, which schedules and give an example of a medication within each schedule. (10 points)

6. How will you sign your name when you prescribe medications? (10 points)

7. What is an NPI? List the steps to obtain an NPI. (10 points)

8. Pick three insurance companies and describe how you can become a provider that accepts that insurance. (10 points)

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