MGT300 DePaul University Week 5 Management and Emotional Intelligence Essay

MGT 300

Midterm Paper Assignment (300 Points)

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Due Week 5 (October 10th)

  • According to Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence has the following 5 components: Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Motivation, Empathy and Social Skills. Based on the lessons from Peter Drucker’s article “Managing Oneself” and Shawn Achor’s “Positive Intelligence” assess your own Emotional Intelligence and suggest a plan to improve on the identified 2 Emotional Intelligence components.
  • The Economist Article “The New Age of Corporate Scandals” discusses various examples of companies that engaged recently in unethical behavior which impacted various stakeholders including customers, employees and community. Please select 1 example from the article and discuss the unethical behavior and which stakeholders were directly impacted.
  • Based on the article “Discovering Your Authentic Leadership” by George, Sims, McLean and Mayer explain meaning of the following statement: “The journey to authentic leadership begins with understanding the story of your life”. Support your answer with examples from the article.

Feel free to reference any additional articles from our reading list or your own research. (3 Pages, Double Spaced – 125 points)

Please also answer the following questions: Why did the company engage in this unethical behavior? Do you believe the focus on maximizing the return to shareholders has played a role in your selected example?

Please reference articles discussed in the class and any other media research you conducted on this topic. (2 Pages, Double Spaced – 75 Points)

(2 Pages, Double Spaced – 100 Points)

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