MGT302 – Organization Behavior and Teamwork

Module 1 – Case
Work Motivation


Background Information 

Case assignment 

Session Long Project 



                              Work Motivation

This case assignment is all about work motivation.

Please note that in order for you to get an A grade on this assignment, your paper has to address both the Content and Structure Assignment Expectations (see below).

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Start by reading the following case study:

Motivation at Norsk Petroleum:

Assignment Expectations (Content)

Read the case study – “Motivation at Norsk Petroleum” and the required reading material and write a 4-5 pages paper in which you will answer the following questions:

  1. Using three theories of motivation: Maslow hierarchy of needs motivational model, Herzberg motivational theory, and McClelland’s motivational needs theory, explain both Elizabeth Pedersen’s and Ola Rennemo’s work motivation.
  2. Explain what the main differences between the three theories are.
  3. What advice would you give Lisa Bohm to help her manage the situation?      

 Assignment Expectations (Structure)

  1. Make sure that you use your own language (rather than copying sentences from the article).
  2. Your paper will be graded based on the following criteria: Precision, Clarity, Breadth, Depth, Grammar/Vocabulary, Referencing, and Application.
  3. Use 12 point font (Times New Roman), double-spacing, and one inch margins. Add a cover page and a references list.
  4. Citing your Sources: APA Style – TUI requires all PhD work to be in APA form. We also encourage all other students to comply with guidelines for proper citation of references. You may use the tutorial found on the following link (press “view the tutorial”):

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