MGT325 Saudi Electronic University Amazon Technology Management Discussion

Critical Thinking: Weight:5 Marks

Technology is molding our world at a speed unimaginable, just few decades ago. Communication mainly has created, a business environment focused on effectiveness, value and speed. Companies that focus on speed, cost and quality are the only ones who have been successful to survive and prosper in today’s environment as they deal with a broad spectrum of contemporary challenges.The effective management of technology as a source of competitive advantage is of vital importance for many organizations. Virtually every company today sees itself as technology intensive. To operate a technology based business the requirement is of new leadership and managerial skills that focus on the knowledge generators i.e. the human resource of the enterprise.

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Select any high technology organization and answer the following questions on its basis.

Q1- Analyze your selected company in terms of its technology supporting infrastructure and resource function. What changes would you recommend?

Q2- What strategic decisions and directions at your selected company were key to the company’s success.

Q3- Develop an assessment tool (i.e. checklist) for measuring the technological intensity of your selected enterprise.

Answers to these questions may vary as per the student’s personal understanding and analytical ability.

Facilitators are requested to award marks dynamically as per the students work.

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