MGT409 Michigan Ascena Odds of survival in specialty retail Case 33 Questions

These are supposed to be 2 to 3 pages double-spaced but can be longer if you have more to say.

1. In what ways has Ascena pursued a value enhancing/creating diversification path? In what ways, has the firm pursued diversification for non-value enhancing reasons? (Up to 4 points available – one for each method/motive discussed in detail)

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2. Ascena has largely expanded by using acquisitions. Have they managed the acquisition process well? In other words, how have they made acquisitions work for them? How have they experienced the pitfalls of acquisitions? (Up to 3 points; discuss at least four)

3. In the end, what is your evaluation of Ascena’s corporate strategy? (1 point)

4. What recommendations would you have for the firm? (2 points available; 1 for each reasonable recommendation – provided you can back it up).

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