MGT506 Trident University Module 4 Case Visionary Leadership & Tribe Paper

Module 4 – Case

Visionary leadership and the tribe

Assignment Overview

View the following three videos on the Leadership Channel in the Skillsoft section of Trident’s Online Library and follow the assignment requirements below.

McKeown, L. (2012). Leaders as visionaries. [Video File]. [Books24x7 version]. Available in the Trident Online Library. 

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McKeown, L. (2012). Leaders as processors. [Video File]. [Books24x7 version]. Available in the Trident Online Library. 

McKeown, L. (2012). Leaders as operators. [Video File]. [Books24x7 version]. Available in the Trident Online Library. 

Case Assignment

  1. Define and provide an example of a visionary leader, a processor leader, and an operator leader, backing your work with credible sources.
  2. Create a clear distinction between these three styles of leadership, weighing their similarities and differences.
  3. Provide an example of each type of leader (visionary, processor, operator) that you know from personal experience or through research of well-known leaders.
  4. Create a table that lists situations in which each of these styles may be useful.

Assignment Expectations

Write a 4- to 5-page paper (not counting the title page or reference section) covering all these topics, using proper APA formatting, source selection, and citation.

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