MGT536 Colorado State University Personal Leadership Development Plan Paper

  1. Bring together the outcomes from your leadership self-insight quizzes (700 words).
  2. Provide a succinct summary of your key strengths and weaknesses (300 words)
  3. Assess the need for more information on your behaviours (300 words)
  4. Articulate your vision for developing as a leader (25-50 words)
  5. Specify your developmental objectives (125-150 words)
  6. Specify actions to achieve each developmental objective (500 words)
  7. Describe the resources that you will need to implement your plan (300 words)
  8. Describe the mechanisms you will use to get feedback on your (200 words) leadership behaviours and track your progress
  9. Describe your strategy to review and revise your plan in future (200 words)
  10. Discuss your plan with your supervisor/mentor. What recommendations were made? What revisions did you make? (300 words)

    Check your draft plan and then finalise it.

    You can use tables to present a part of your plan for example points 5, 6 & 7 above.

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