MGT560 SEU Critical Analysis of A Journal Article Related to Saudi Vision 2030

  • compose a critical analysis of a journal article related to Saudi Vision 2030, which you locate in the Saudi Digital Library. Your essay must include the following:
    • Title page;
    • Introductory paragraph (a brief paragraph that simply and succinctly introduces the topic);
    • Body (a series of cohesive paragraphs that include in-text citations and further discuss the topic (this is where your critical analysis comes in with support by the in-text citations);
    • Concluding paragraph (a brief paragraph that summarizes the information, refers back to the introductory paragraph, or offers a future outcome of the information presented in the essay body); and
    • Reference page(s) formatted according to Saudi Electronic University and APA standards.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Locate appropriate, credible source information.
  2. Evaluate source information from a variety of credible sources.
  3. Identify basic APA style documentation and formatting rules.
  4. Use information responsibly by giving credit where it is due and citing sources accurately and in the proper format.
  5. Compose a critical analysis essay.

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