MGT608 American International Week 3 Inventory Carrying Cost Discussion

  • 1.What is your company’s Inventory Carrying Cost rate? (Ask your Director of Logistics or the CFO. If that’s not possible, provide an estimation using all 4 categories presented in class.) Do you think it’s an accurate computation, a good estimate or a not-even-close estimate? Recommend one action that should be taken to improve the accuracy of this number.
  • 2.Provide an example of how each of the following technologies can create a competitive advantage for a logistics network : RFID, cloud computing, and the Internet-of-Things. Which do you think will be the greatest advantage for your current employer or your favorite retailer? Support your answer with cost, service and risk issues.
  • 3.What is logistics called in your company? Who is the senior logistics leader in your company? What’s their title? Who’s their boss? Briefly discuss your thoughts on this organizational structure in regards to 1) cost efficiency and 2) service effectiveness.

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