MGT608 American International Wk 3 Branding Manager Job Interview at Nike Paper

  • Be ready for your next job interview! Before the interview, make sure you research the company, their products and the role that you might serve. Not only should you be ready to answer questions about yourself, your experiences and your business skills, you should also be ready to ask your own questions! Be prepared — they will always ask you, “What questions do you have about potentially working with us?”
  • NOTE: These questions are NOT for you to quiz your host! You should ask insightful questions based on your knowledge of the field (i.e. logistics, finance, etc.). Of particular interest might be questions as to whether your approaches to analysis, management and leadership would be appreciated (or even acceptable!) at this company. The answers that you get may be very helpful in deciding if YOU want the job or not!For this assignment, first identify the company that you are interviewing with and the job title that you want. Then, write three in-depth questions that you would ask the company’s Vice President as if you were interviewing for your next dream-job. Questions must be insightful and specifically relate to the company and your future job. Remember, you are NOT quizzing your future boss! Finally, for each of your questions, provide a brief statement of what you may expect the answer to be (another good interviewing skill).Limit your response to 1 page.

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