MGT633 UMKC CSR CSV & Big Data Cowen Inc Case Study Paper


1- An increase in a company’s profit can be caused by many things, making it difficult to demonstrate the financial value to shareholders of initiatives like the Sweet Seeds campaign. Consider the positive outcomes of the campaigns that would be expected to lead to increased profit on short- and long-term timescales.

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a- What are some metrics that would give a sense of campaigns’ effects on the bottom line? Bonus points for metrics not mentioned in the case.

b- Identify how each metric would actually be measured in practice as best as you can, as in, what data would you actually collect?

2- Porter & Kramer’s conception of CSV is CSR that creates financial value for the company while simultaneously creating social value as part of an ongoing business model. To what extent does each following example embody Porter & Kramer’s conception of CSV vs. traditional CSR and why? Put them in order from most CSV to most traditional CSR. Also include the operation in your list and justify where you place it in the order.

a- Walmart has been installing skylights and solar panels on store roofs to cut down on its power consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

b- The NFL donates about $1 million a year to Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer research.

c- Starbucks trains its coffee suppliers on increasing yield with fewer resources, helps them finance new equipment, contracts with them on a long-term basis, and has helped fund schools, sanitation and clean water in the local communities.

d- Exxon-Mobil invests in carbon capture and storage technology, which captures carbon emissions from power plants and stores it safely underground.

Big Data, Cowen, Inc.

Case Study

3- You are the CEO of a large, growing company. The head of IT comes to you saying that the company is falling behind with data analytics capabilities, and recommends investing in new IT infrastructure. What are the most important one or two questions you should ask and why?

4- The article ‘Big Data Dreams’ presents a framework for thinking about different ways big data creates value (Table 1, pg. 408 of the actual case, pg. 7 of the pdf file in Canvas). Discuss how Cowen, Inc’s use of data fits within this framework.

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