MGT6890 Wayne State College Pepsi Corporate Overview Paper

The paper is on Pepsi.Co

Only work on #1 and 2 (TNR 12 font, double spaced, one and a half page, #1 one page and #2 half a page)

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Company Project: Assignment 1 – Corporate Overview (Group Assignment)

Possible points: 100

1. Overview of your corporation including a discussion of its mission, objectives, values and any other relevant information related to their strategic planning processes

2. Product and geographical markets for your company’s lines of business

3.Significant historical events (e.g. mergers, divestment etc), and key leaders including the board and top management team

4. Location of headquarters and other core units that support your firm’s strategy such as R&D centers, manufacturing centers of excellence, etc.

5. Organizational structure including global reporting relationships, if any

6. Financial analysis and financial bench-marking of competitors to assess your firm’s type of competitive advantage

7. Two or three strategic issues that your firm is currently facing and why

Please look at the sample paper I attached with this (Name:assignment 1 ex 1). It’s an example of an A paper. Please try to follow that as much as possible. Also see attachment file name: library assignment to find helpful information to use for #1 and 2

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