MHRM6900 Walden University Addressing Problems

John Steinbeck said, “The best laid plans of mice and men do often go awry.” As the Human Resources Department/Division works with the C-suite to finalize an organizational strategy-driven Human Resources Operating Plan, complications and difficulties may intrude. It is important to plan how to address problems that may occur as your Annual Human Resources Operating Plan is deployed and operationalized.

For this Discussion, review this week’s Learning Resources. Consider the types of problems that might occur in the day-to-day operations at all levels.

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Write the top two implementation problems that you anticipate may need to be addressed during the operationalization or launching of your Annual Human Resources Operating Plan (AHROP). Briefly explain what you would include in an Annual Human Resource Operating Plan to address each of the problems you identified to avoid any obstacles during the implementation.

I am attaching some resources for your reference. Below is the course text to assist as well

Haines, S. G., & McKinlay, J. (2007). Reinventing strategic planning: The systems thinking approach. San Diego, CA: Systems Thinking Press.

The Systems Thinking Approach by Haines, S. G. Copyright 2009 by Systems Thinking Press. Reprinted by permission.

  • Chapter 11, “Strategy Development (Step #5)”
  • Chapter 12, “Business Unit Planning (Step #6)”
  • Chapter 13, “Annual Plans and Strategic Budgeting (Step #7)”

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