Miami Dade College Ban the Box Background History Paper

Talent management looks at identifying what jobs needs to be filled and the process for attracting and retaining qualify and competent staff. Talent management begins with understanding what jobs need to be filled, and the human traits and competencies employees need. Job analysis is the procedure through which you determine the duties of the positions and the characteristics of the people to hire for them.

To help facilitate your understanding of the challenge employers face in the recruitment process, I would like to introduce you to the concept of Ban the Box.

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In the summer of 1998, Hawaii passed a law restricting employers from considering candidates’ criminal history until a job offer had been made. When Minnesota followed suit a decade later, a nationwide movement was born.

“Ban-the-box” laws requiring employers to remove criminal-history questions from employment applications have been enacted in 33 states and more than 150 cities and counties.

Primarily covering the public sector, many ban-the-box laws also apply to private-sector employers, seeking to protect applicants and candidates convicted of a crime from automatic disqualification during the selection process. In some cases, employers can inquire or check for criminal history after conducting a first interview; others must wait until they’ve extended a job offer.

The dilemma for HR and hiring managers lies in finding the balance between giving applicants with a criminal history a chance to be evaluated on their qualifications and being liable for negligent hiring.

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