Miami Dade College Personal Space Trainers Feasibility Report

Attached is the Feasibility Report, I now need to create the executive summary.

Executive Summary The executive summary is a section of critical importance and is perhaps the single most important section of the entire business plan. Quite often, it is the first section that a reader will turn to, and sometimes it may be the only section of the business plan that he or she will read. Chronologically, it should probably be the last section written. [2] The executive summary should provide an accurate overview of the entire document, which cannot be done until the whole document is prepared. If the executive summary fails to adequately describe the idea behind the business or if it fails to do so in a captivating way, some readers may discard the entire business plan. As one author put it, the purpose of the executive summary is to convince the reader to “read on.” [3] The executive summary should contain the following pieces of information:

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• What is the company’s business?

• Who are its intended customers?

• What will be its legal structure?

• What has been its history (where one exists)?

• What type of funding will be requested?

• What is the amount of that funding?

• What are the capabilities of the key executives?

All this must be done in an interesting and captivating way. The great challenge is that executive summaries should be relatively short—between one and three pages. For many businesspeople, this is the great challenge—being able to compress the required information in an engaging format that has significant size limitations

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