Miami University Inverted Pyramid and Leads Questions Response

1. What are three tips that describe The Inverted Pyramid (5 points each)

2. What is one advantage of using the inverted pyramid? (10)

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3. What is a drawback of inverted pyramid leads? (10)

On any day this week, choose the top story on President Trump on these sites _, and

Link to the story and answer these questions for each of the three (5 points for each site):

4. Did NYT use inverted pyramid in its lead?



5. In each, what are the who, what, where, when, why, and how?

NYT story:

Fox story:

AP story:

6. What are three of the variations to an Inverted Pyramid lead? (5 each)

7. Find, and provide link to a Tweet that is breaking news (10)

8. Name 2 ways to help ensure accuracy (10)

BONUS: Find and link to a lead you liked because it was funny

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