Miami University Module 6 Customer Centered Job Mapping Paper

  1. Take a look at this resource预览文档for a little inspiration.
  2. Use the Customer Centered Job Mapping table located in your On Innovation book on pages 46-47. Thinking about your client’s customers, how can you innovate at each stage of the customer job process? This may be difficult, so you will need to be creative. Note that some of your innovations may not fit within your client’s existing business model or concept. Perhaps your innovation would fit better as a new business. That’s okay. The point of the exercise is to think about products/services needs from the perspective of your client’s customers. If you are having difficulty thinking through this, please contact me.
  3. This website 预览文档may also provide additional insight into completing the Customer-Centered Innovation Map.
  4. You can use this spreadsheet预览文档 to complete the job map.
  5. Finally, briefly describe what you learned through completing this Customer Centered Job Mapping exercise. You can add this to the comment section of the assignment or as a separate document.

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