micro economics writing discussion

There have been many new technologies made available to us recently. While many of these technologies improve our lives, some have some costs that make me think they aren’t worth the trouble.

For example, I use a GPS watch to track all of my runs and bike rides. I love this technology and use it all the time but it has only been available for the last decade or so. At work, I now use Canvas to teach a number of classes online whereas this would have been impossible a few years ago. There are some technologies that make my life worse though. When calling an office, I sometimes encounter an automated system to direct my call. I’d rather speak with a person in many cases.

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For this discussion topic, I want you to reflect on how improved technology has made life different today than for generations in the past.

Specifically, address these questions in your post:

1. What are some specific technologies you use that were not available a generation ago? (Say, when your parents were your age.) In what ways has this new technology/invention had an impact? Make sure to identify something that hasn’t already been mentioned by a classmate.

2. Identify some problems that have developed as a result of a new technology/invention. Identify the group that is impacted negatively and explain how they are effected.

3. What should the role of government be when it comes to new technology? Do you think the government should takes steps to help people who are harmed by new technologies or inventions? Do you favor a more laissez-faireapproach? Explain.

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