mind-altering chemicals

mind-altering chemicals

One of the course objectives is be able to identify cultural factors that influence personal decisions to use mind-altering chemicals. An understanding of cultural factors that influence chemical use helps practitioners develop an understanding of the many forms that substance abuse may take.
For this assignment, you will choose ONE cultural/ethnic group to research. You will gather pertinent information about this cultural group and you will prepare a Powerpoint presentation to share online with your classmates about that cultural group. You can choose any cultural/ethnic group that you are able to find adequate information to make a thorough presentation. Some suggestions are: African Americans, Hispanics, Chinese Americans, Native Americans, Women, LGBT€¦.be creative and study/present a population of interest to you. Feel free to choose a subgroup of these larger cultural groups. For example, for African Americans you might chose to discuss substance use/abuse among an urban population, the hip hop lifestyle population or African American women. For Caucasians, you might choose the Appalachian (Eastern Kentucky) population, Caucasian women, or college students. For Native Americans you may choose to study those who live on reservations, or varying tribal groups, e.g. Sioux, Hopi€¦). For Hispanics, you may want to consider looking at Hispanic men or women, or a specific ethnic origins (Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, or Cuban Americans. Finally, what about alcohol or drug abuse among the elderly? This is a special population, though not specifically cultural, where good research may improve treatment outcomes. These are just suggestions. I’m interested in learning more about your perspective regarding any group you choose to present.
There is a general discussion of these cultural groups in Chapters 18 €“ 21 of the textbook. Use this as a starting point for your research and presentation, but go further in developing a sound presentation by finding aIDitional references to support your discussion. You must cite a minimum of four references in aIDition to the text. Here too, the textbook can help you, as it cites references that you may refer to strengthen your research.
Elements that must be covered in your presentation are:
€¢ Primary drug(s) of choice among the group you studied
€¢ Drug/alcohol use patterns
€¢ Cultural permissibility/cultural prohibitions
€¢ Effects of substance abuse in this ethnic group (on individuals, families, communities)
€¢ Treatment approaches/variations
Therapeutic need (ex: for Native Americans less than 20% of alcohol/drug rehabilitations programs offer specialized treatment for this population€¦Native American clients in substance abuse rehabilitation programs might withdraw themselves if exposed to high levels of confrontation similar to those found in many tradition treatment programs (p.261). This suggests a need for culturally-appropriate treatment modalities for this population.
Your presentation should be in Microsoft PowerPoint format. Your presentation should cite your references. Submit it to Blackboard by 5:00 on Friday of Week 8.

This assignment is worth 50 points.
€¢ 40 of these points will be based on your research and Powerpoint presentation.
o You must cover all of the elements listed above
o You must use at least 4 sources, not including your text, and these must be properly cited using APA format.
o Spelling and grammar mistakes will reduce your grade€¦please proof your presentations carefully.
€¢ 10 of these points will be based on the feedback you provide to your peers. You must provide feedback to AT LEAST 4 of your classmates. You will review their Powerpoint presentations and provide thoughtful, professional comments on the subject matter.

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