Most of you are probably familar with the reality TV family known as the Duggars from the TLC program 19 Kids and counting.

Most of you are probably familar with the reality TV family known as the Duggars from the TLC program “19 Kids and counting”. They are controversial for a variety of reasons but for this week’s discussion I would like you to consider whether it is morally right in today’s world to have so many children. To be clear, I’m asking about the ethics of family size with respect to environmental impacts NOT financial impacts. Given what you have read about human overpopulation, use this forum to debate if such a family is being very responsible about their impact on the environment. You can read more out them in the linked wikipedia above to get a better sense of their ecological footprint. If your uncomfortable speaking specifically about this family- feel free to speak in general terms about whether society needs to take a more serious look at controlling human birth rates. Are there measures your willing to accept such as providing more free or low cost birth control and how far should we take this: should there be a tax on too many kids, or penalities like that used in China? Or is it your opinion that there is no problem. Please explain why you feel the way you do. As usually share your thoughts but it is important to explain your reasons.

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