Movie: Mambo Girl ( watching t

Movie: Mambo Girl (
After watching the movie, you should write two arguments, and the reading and the movie should use quote
1. Purpose: to cultivate the habits of critical reading by making arguments and providing evidence 
2. Content: identify an argument (not merely a topic) from a required reading (with direct quotations and page numbers) and discuss it in relation to the designated film of the day 
3. Focus: your ability to articulate someone else’ argument and state your interpretation of a film in relation to that argument; mere factual information or plot summary won’t count as argument 
4. Length: 1 double-space page or 350 words for each short paper; the portion in excess of the limit will not be graded for credit 
5. Grading: out of 10 points for each commentary, 3 for identification of an argument and logical transition, 3 points for film discussion focused on details, and 4 for writing (grammar, expression, coherence, style)
6. Make sure you have a clear argument or statement: find a focus to organize your writing
7. A general plot or characterization summary earns little credit
8. Analyze film in detail (e.g., mise-en-scene, smiles or other facial expressions, camera angles)
9. Rephrase key words for better connection between the reading and your film analysis (e.g., metaphor, allegory, realism)
10. Always use the readings assigned in the same week as primary films; the same formula for commentaries 2-3
11. You only need to quote from 1 reading in the week, NOT 1 from each reading in the week
12. Your quote must be relevant to the rest of your discussion
13. Avoid a long quote or 2 or more quotes in a commentary
14. Similarly, avoid discussing 2 or more ideas because there is no space to do that adequately
15. Proofread your paper or grade yourself to improve before submitting
16. No need for a separate Works Cited page, but use in-text reference (e.g., Teo, page #)

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