Multideminsional family therapy

Multideminsional family therapy

For the research paper, you will need to access the materials posted under the file " MDFT" in elearning.
The materials I provided may not include all of the information I am asking you to provide. You should be prepared to search the WMU library or other sources to find all of the information.
You will create a research paper summarizing the treatment and it’s components. The paper is to be a minimum of 5 pages. It must include the following headings:
Description: Provide a brief description of MDFT
Population: With whom is it used? Specific age ranges? Gender, race, ethnicity? Contraindications?
Length: How many sessions will it take? How many weeks, etc?
Training: Who is qualified to administer the therapy and is there any special training required?
Advantages: Any specific advantages or benefits?
Disadvantages: Any specific disadvantages or limitations?
Techniques: Here you will describe what the therapy looks like. Specifically, you should list the steps used and provide descriptions of those steps. Look to the MDFT manual for adolescent cannabis users for help. The section titled "Overview: The Three Stages of the MDFT Treatment Program" will help.
1. Step One of the therapy is ________: Then provide the description of step one
2. Step Two of the therapy is ________: Then provide the description of step two
3. Etc.
List and describe any other important elements of the treatment.
Research: You will locate two research articles and describe them. To find articles that are relevant, you may look at the references cited in the documents I provided for you. You may need to search PsycInfo through the WMU library to find the articles. The articles may not be available full text and you may have to order them through interlibrary loan so do not wait until the last minute to look for articles.

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