Discussion Assignment

You may think of arguments as negative confrontations where two or more people cannot come to a reasonable resolution of their perceived differences. Argument, though, can be positive in the context of advocating the need for change. While you may be passionate about an idea for change, you will also want to be precise in how you design your argument in order to influence how a person thinks about your idea for change.

For this unit’s Discussion, you will use the Toulmin Model to analyze your argument for change.

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Before submitting your post, please review the following podcast, “Argument and the Toulmin Model,”

Then, respond to the following prompts in at least two well-developed paragraphs:

  • Share your revised thesis statement and identify the claim and warrant in that statement.
  • Which of the logical appeals might be most useful to emphasize, and what logical fallacies might you need to avoid with this argument? Will the audience be likely to agree with your warrant, and if not, how might you revise the thesis? Here is an example of a thesis statement with the claim and warrant:
  • Thesis: The United States should abolish capital punishment because it does not reduce the crime rate.
  • Claim: The United States should abolish capital punishment.
  • Warrant: (may not be directly stated): If something does not reduce the crime rate, then it should not be used.

To earn full participation credit, you will need to respond substantively to at least two peers’ initial Discussion posts and show active engagement in the discussion as described in the grading rubric.These responses should stay on topic and generate further discussion by asking questions, mentioning relevant examples, and if possible, referencing concepts from the unit Learning Activities.

All Discussion posts and responses to peers should be written in complete sentences using Standard American English. Before posting, proofread for grammar, spelling, and word-choice issues. Be sure to respond fully to every aspect of the Discussion.

When you refer to concepts from the unit’s Learning Activities, be sure to use a signal phrase like “According to . . .[name of reading].” If you are directly quoting the Learning Activities or another source, be sure to use quotation marks and cite the source using proper APA in-text citations and full references. The Writing Center has resources on APA citation formatting.

You can review a sample Discussion post and response to a peer by clicking on the following link: Unit 4 Sample Discussion Assignment.


In this unit’s Assignment, you will write a persuasive thesis statement related to the argument for change you have been developing in previous units and evaluate the effectiveness of that argument using the Toulmin Model. You will complete a worksheet for this Assignment. First of all, you will revise the provisional thesis statement that you generated in the previous unit’s Discussion. Make sure the thesis is concise (1–2 sentences) and clearly expresses a persuasive argument that offers a solution to a problem. Then, identify what type of claim your thesis expresses (policy, value, cause, etc.) For more on creating effective persuasive thesis statements, review the following Writing Center resources:

  • “Give Your Paper Direction: Developing a Strong Thesis Statement”
  • “Writing a Thesis for a Persuasive Essay”

Part II: Next, describe how you will use the appeals of logos, ethos, and pathos to make your argument more compelling to your audience. You can review the Writing Center resource on the appeals.

Part III: Finally, valuate your argument based on the Toulmin Model. You will identify the claim, warrant, grounds, and rebuttal related to your thesis and discuss logical fallacies to which the thesis may be susceptible. You can review the Writing Center resource on creating a logical argument.

Use this Worksheet to complete the Assignment. If any references are made to sources, they should be cited in APA 6th edition style both in-text and on a separate references page

See the following KUWC resources for further guidance on APA manuscript formatting and APA citation formatting:

  • WC: “Citing Sources Tutorial”
  • WC: “What is Plagiarism?”

Click the following link to access the grading rubric your instructor will use when assessing your Assignment: Unit 4 Assignment Rubric.

Click the following link to see a sample Assignment: Unit 4 Assignment Sample.

Submitting your Unit 4 Assignment: Remember that you must use Word for this and all Assignments submitted for this class in order to be reviewed and graded by the instructor. When you are ready to submit it, go to the Unit 4 Assignment Dropbox and attach your work.

To view your graded work, come back to the Dropbox or go to the Gradebook after your instructor has evaluated it.


Provide an onsite child care services to employees

Three research questions:

What are the effects of onsite childcare services on employee turnover?

Should on-site child care services be made a deductible business expense for the employees?

What are the costs and benefits of offering onsite child care services to both the organization and the employees?

Employers should provide an on-site child care services to employees to save time and encourage employees with difficulties in finding affordable child care services. The claim that the thesis statement presents a proposal seeking to encourage employers to initiate an onsite childcare service because it increases the employee turnover by 5%

I have not presented the argument to friends I believe that there are ways I can employ to get them agree with the argument. I will present facts them using effective communication skills regarding the importance of onsite childcare services. For mothers, it gives them a relief and comfort to know that their children are within and they can check-in at any time. This increases concentration at work and providing flexible schedules for them hence high productivity (Davis 2011).

For the organization, it will be important because of the high job turnover, the employees will have more input on the organization and hence leading to the general growth of the organization. Through the facts, my colleagues will be convinced that the argument is valid and needs some consideration. Besides, there are many companies that have tried the strategy

like King’s Daughters Medical Center and reports indicate that the practice has influences employee productivity and involvement in their work (Lein 2008).


Davis, D. L. (2011 Differences in job stress, role conflict, and child care satisfaction of working nurses who utilize employer-sponsored onsite versus at-large child care services.

Lein, L. (2008). Child Care Services. Encyclopedia of Social Work. doi:10.1093/acrefore/9780199975839.013.48

Tribe Benefits from Coordination of Child Care Services. (n.d.). PsycEXTRA Dataset. doi:10.1037/e303422003-009

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