Need Executive Summary

I need a paragraph as a EXECUTIVE SUMMARY for the following position:

Alternative Dispute Resolution Advisor/Counselor/Motivator

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This position reminds of “Life Coach” position but for a company.  I am a great listener and would love to address employees’ problems and/or complaints and help resolve them.   Whether they are problems with co-workers or just personal problems, I would find ways to combat morale issues at work.  I enjoy finding solutions to disputes.  I feel I can motivate people to their utmost potential and have an ability to determine the problem area(s) and work through to a resolution.  Consequently, if I see that numbers are consistently low in a certain department or of an employee, I would address it with positive resolutions to bring the numbers up.   In this position, I would also coordinate team building projects and/or meetings to motivate the employees.  I would also coordinate “give back to the community” days where charity work is performed and I find that when we give back as a group, it unites the people.  

ALSO need:

Now that you have selected a job, the CEO has asked for more detailed information on your proposed job or position. This is your chance to really “sell” your job or position, so you need to examine and describe specific job functions, job expectations, and create a detailed job description for the position.

  • Write a 1-2 paragraph job identification in which you describe specific job functions and job expectations.
  • The job identification should be more detailed and specific than the executive summary.
  • Write a 1-paragraph job description that might be used on a Web-based job service like Monster or CareerBuilder or in a local newspaper’s “Classified” section.
  • You may conduct independent online or newspaper research of a similar job in order to create an effective description of your job or position. Be sure to cite any outside research sources.





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