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(Score for Question 1: ___ of 10 points)

  • Both “Silky” Bob in “After Twenty Years” and Tessie in “The Lottery” face threats to their lives or freedom. Compare and contrast the way each author depicts these dangerous situations by discussing the characters’ behavior and feelings.
  • In each story in this unit, the author uses suspense to keep the reader interested in the plot. The suspense develops, builds, or changes as the action rises to a climax. Choose two of the stories and analyze their suspense. For each story, state what the reader feels suspense about and how the suspense develops, builds, or changes during the course of the story. State how the suspense is resolved in each story, and explain why the resolution was or was not surprising for you.
  • The main character in each story in this unit deals with a difficult conflict. Choose two stories, describe the resolution of each main conflict, and compare how the resolutions reveal the stories’ themes. Give evidence from the text to support your analysis.
  • The author of each story in this unit chose a narrator who would tell the story best. Sometimes it was an omniscient narrator. Other times it was a limited narrator. Choose two stories and state which type of narrator each had. Then compare how the choice of narrator helped each story’s plot, characterizations, or theme.


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(Score for Question 2: ___ of 10 points)


(Score for Question 3: ___ of 10 points)


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(Score for Question 4: ___ of 15 points)


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