need help reorganizing research paper


Access to scholarly journals is needed to look up references. Someone who is skilled in research would be best. There needs to be an outline, topical revision and a method section with categories. A survey needs to be created that attempts to answer the research question. The research has already been done but there are some missing information and the method section needs to be created as well as a survey. I am willing to pay $65 if this is done correctly and you will have a repeat customer.I need this by 12:00 noon Monday (tomorrow)


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The body of the Sample APA Paper is not organized topically. Instead, it contains a series of article summaries chained together. Reorganize the information into a logical topical outline. Do not rewrite the whole paper. Instead, reconceptualize the content in outline format with detailed bullets of the articles that are cited.

There is no APA guideline for outlines but you should adhere to APA guideslines when citing articles in your outline. Every heading must have at least two entries (e.g., A, B; 1, 2). Supply missing information, using the sources that you obtained from the Library research portal for the reference list. You may include other resources if you like but it is not required. Also, include the reference page with your submission. If you received any feedback from the instructor for your previous reference page, be sure that you have made the necessary corrections.

Review the grading rubric above for the list of grading criteria. This assignment is due by the end of Module/Week 5.




Topical Revision





The body of the Sample APA Paper is poorly organized and lacks sufficient comparison and synthesis of research. Rewrite part of the body of the paper by focusing on one of the following topics: 1) Motivation, 2) Demographics, or 3) Products. Read through the Sample APA Paper and gather the information–paragraphs, pa rts of paragraphs, or sentences–that relates to your chosen topic. Then, reorganize the information in to a clearly organized section of the paper. You may may need to rewrite portions of the information you gathered for clarity. Additionally, may need to do some original writing to fill in areas you think lack proper synthesis/comparison. Use the pertinent sources from the reference page to gather the additional information that you need. Refrain from doing any new research.

Your rewritten section should be 1 – 2 pages and should include the following:


1.                   A properly formatted title page


2.                   An introduction


3.                   A single heading (as if the section was somewhere in the middle of the paper)


4.                   A properly formatted reference page (with only the references used in your section on it)


This assignment is due by the end of Module/Week 7.




Method  Section





There is no method section in the Sample APA paper. The key to writing an effective method is to have a clear set of research questions and/or hypotheses. Write a Method section for the paper based on the following research question: “What are the factors associated with online purchases?” For this assignment, you can use the information included in the original paper, but you will also need to do original writing to fully develop the Method section. You should consult chapter 2 in your APA manual for a complete explanation and an example of a correct Method section.

The Method section should be divided into two categories with different emphases: 1) describing participants, and 2) describing the procedure. Within those two broad categories, you should include subsections that address the following elements: 1) experimental manipulations or interventions, 2) sampling procedures/size, 3) measurement approaches, and 4) research design/procedure. Be sure to state the methodology clearly so that the study is understandable and repeatable.

As part of this assignment, you should also create a survey that attempts to answer the research question. You can use survey items from other research to construct your instrument. In most cases, it is best to have some research precedent on which your instrument is designed. This makes your research more comparable to other research, and helps in synthesizing your results with the body of work that has already been completed on the topic. You are not required to conduct the research; simply create the survey.








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