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>>>To identify and explain relationships between theory and practice, practice being both academic and professional. Academic, as in the development of sound empirical studies that can be published and added to the field. Professional,as in informing the design of effective organizational interventions.

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In addition, this assignment is for you to become familiar with searching online for empirical studies that would help guide or direct your own research. The general framework of this discussion is organizational strategy and design, but the topic selected could be narrowed down to your area of interest. For example, a student with a financial industry background and with an interest in completing research in an area related to their current job function at a banking institution, may select two empirical studies (1 quantitative, and 1 qualitative) exploring organizational intervention in comparable setting (financial industry/banking).

Use the university library search for and identify two (1 qualitative and 1 quantitative) empirical studies (papers that include data collection, analysis, and a summary of findings) related to organizational strategy in practice. Make sure these are not theoretical papers (findings based on existing theories and hypothesis).

Explain the relationships between the empirical studies you have found and your readings for this week (Morgan and Hatch).…

APA formatting, proper in-text citations, and references are required for each primary post. After your references, please upload pdf files or include permalinks to your articles.

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