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I answered the first part question can the 2nd part be answered.

Analyze the Sherman Antitrust Act, named for its author Senator John Sherman of Ohio. Evaluate one of the following areas of concern in healthcare organizations: reduced market competition, price fixing, actions that bar or limit new entrants to the field, preferred provider arrangements, or exclusive contracts. Rationalize your answer by using applicable legal precedents.

There are 3 major federal antitrust laws: The Sherman Antitrust Act, The Clayton Act, and The Federal Trade Commission Act. What are antitrust laws for and who do they benefit is what I asked myself. “They are laws put in place to prohibit business practices that deprive consumers of the benefit of competition resulting in higher prices for products and services” (Antitrust Laws, 2017). The Sherman Act controls the interstate and foreign trade stopping fixed prices and rigged bids (Antitrust Laws, 2017). The Clayton Act carry no criminal penalty that prohibits mergers and acquisitions (Antitrust Laws, 2017). The Federal Trade stops any unfair methods of competition in interstate commerce (Antitrust Laws, 2017). These laws help keep competition in the health care field as well as improving quality, containing cost, expanding choice, and supporting innovation (Healthcare, 2019). I am not sure of a good example for this but I would think that these laws help allow healthcare facilities to be able to merge together or sell their products and services to consumers without any issues.

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