Need help with Discussion questions

All questions has to be 200 word count with reference.

1. How have companies, like Pandora, used marketing to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty?

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2. How has GE unified its various brands under one marketing umbrella (or brand)?

3. How has Twitter gone from a US-based company to a global entity?

4. There is a road map to being successful internationally. Can you identify and discuss three to five factors companies need to consider before attempting to enter foreign markets. Assuming you were setting up a market program for a product in a foreign country, what should you take into consideration? How can international marketing benefit domestic countries?

5. What are some specific branding guidelines for small business?

6. What is Market Segmentation and why is it needed?

7. What is organizational buying? (p. 189)

8. How do business buyers make their decisions? (p. 198)

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