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I need help with this research critique I need it done by 8/3/13 by 4am

NO PLAGERISM please it will be turned in through turn it in 


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The research critique consists of reading three research studies and 

answering several questions about each. All three studies have been provided for you. 

The studies selected for the critique are as follows: 

Article 1:

Guerette, Rob T. (2007). “Immigration Policy, Border Security and Migrant Deaths: An 

Impact Evaluation of Life Saving Efforts under the Border Safety Initiative.” 

Criminology & Public Policy, 6(2): 201-222. 

Article 2:

Kovandzic, T., Sloan, J., and Vieraitis, L. (2004. “’Striking Out’ as Crime Reduction 

Policy: The Impact of ‘Three Strikes’ Laws on Crime Rates in U.S. Cities.” 

Justice Quarterly, 21(2): 207-239. 

Article 3:

D’Alessio, S; Stolzenberg, L., and Terry, W. Clinton III (1999). “Eyes on the Street”: 

The Impact of Tennessee’s Emergency Cellular Telephone Program on Alcoholrelated Fatal Crashes.” Crime and Delinquency, 45(4): 453- 466. 

For each of these research articles perform the following: 

1. Identify the research design used. 

2. Specify the type of data used to conduct the analysis. 

3. Identify the sampling procedure employed. 

4. Specify the dependent variable of the study. 

5. Present the key findings of the study. 

6. Identify at least 3 limitations of the study (e.g. threats to validity, reliability, etc.) 

and explain each. 

Provide separate answer sheets for each article and identify your responses to the specific 

question above that you are answering. Your responses should be typed, 12 point font, 

and single spaced. Your answers are due on the last day of the week that the final exam is 

scheduled). Be sure to explain each of your answers fully. You should strive to be as 

comprehensive in your answers as possible as if you were explaining your answers to a 

lay person who knows nothing about research methodology.

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