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Unit 2 Discussion

We are fortunate to have one the most studied currents right off our doorstep, the Gulf Stream or more specifically in our region of South Florida, it is actually called the Florida Current.  The reason for such intense academic interest is that Gulf Stream is immensely important globally, regionally as well as locally. Do some research on the Gulf Stream and Florida Current to learn about its importance, such as how it works, who it affects and how, what it affects, where it comes from and where it flow to, and on what levels it affects the global, regional, and local environment. You are not expected to find all this information, but rather to give you a basic understanding about the features of the Gulf Stream / Florida Current. For this topic: 

  1. Watch the YouTube Video: The Gulf Stream Explained (5:03).
  2. Identify and describe one these features of the Current and indicate whether it is of global, regional, or local importance. It is also possible to be any combination of the three. Be sure to describe how it is of global, regional, and/ or local importance.
  3. Briefly describe one research project, including outcomes, involving the Gulf Stream that relates to your feature. It is sufficient to read the brief abstract of the research paper in order to extract the required information. It is recommended that you use the Library Resources link in the Academic Success & Tutoring widget or the Google Scholarsearch engine. You to find a scientific – research project, content from Wikipedia or a news articles is not sufficient.

You shall be assessed on the following:

  • Your initial response should be posted at least three days before the due date.
  • The initial post should fully address and explain all aspects of the topic.
  • The initial post should be at least 200 words with attention to spelling and grammar.
  • You should include any websites or citations you incorporated in your post (not Wikipedia or news sources).
  • Respond to at least two other student to elaborate or enrich the discussion, and foster a conversation.
  • Replies to other students should be at least 30 words with attention to spelling and grammar.

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