Need Mission and Vision Statement created for Social Worker organization?

Assignment Description:

Mission and Vision Statements (5%): In a 2-3-page paper, write a mission and vision statement for your selected company. Also address the topics below:

  • Identify and explain the current life cycle of your selected organization and forecast the impact of your organizations’ mission and vision statements on the company’s success at various stages.,
  • Explain how your mission and vision will help the company succeed, identifying the elements affecting the transitions between phases or cycles.

Information on fake organization is listed below:

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The Tapestry: Children’s Advocacy Center

  • Nonprofit child protection agency serving 1,000 children and their families.
  • 50 employees Total: 30 caseworkers (15 are Part Time), 20 office workers including speech pathologist, art therapist, athletic instructor, volunteer coordinator, office manager, HR manager, receptionist, administrative assistants, controller, accounting clerks, Development Director, clinical manager, Social Work Director and an Executive Director of the agency.
  • Experiencing high turnover and having trouble recruiting skilled caseworkers.
  • Most of the caseworkers are fresh graduates and/or between the ages of 24 and 30 and 75 women, many with young children.
  • Base pay for case workers is relatively low due to positions being in social work and lack of funding for base pay increases. Overtime is not compensation since they are exempt professionals. Average Salary is $30,000.
  • Benefit load is at 45% of salary for medical, dental, life & disability insurance.
  • Funding for the agency his from foundations and government agencies.
  • The work is extremely emotionally demanding and physically draining due to the nature and number of the cases, time pressures of filing and reporting as well as situations the workers are involved with the children and their families.
  • Employees complain that their work is so demanding and hours so long that it is difficult to take care of personal things even on the weekends.
  • The highest expense for the agency has been for employee group medical coverage and worker’s compensation for-the-job injuries working with emotionally and developmentally delayed children.
  • The agency has three small office locations in the trendy areas in metropolitan Denver with a small outreach office in Boulder.
  • Continual education and building certifications are very important to the social workers and professional/clinical staff.
  • Morale and employee engagement has been low due to high pressure on the job and lack of sufficient funds to do their jobs.
  • Employees believe in the mission of taking care of children who are the poor and disadvantaged.
  • This is the reason they joined the organization and remain loyal.
  • They have a very large volunteer force that helps with certain programs, running charitable/fundraising events, and routine maintenance on the facility.
  • Everyone on staff is responsible for attending regular public awareness and educational events to increase exposure of the agency to the public.
  • Annual operating budget is $10MM, total budget for pay and benefits is $4.5MM
  • The Executive Director has appealed to you, the Board of directors, for guidance to help stabilize the workforce and effectively continue their mission.

Paper must include introduction and conclusion. Must be in Chicago/Turabian style formatting.

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