Need my Psych paper revised and formatted correcly

The body of the Sample APA Paper is not organized topically.  Instead,_x000D_
it contains a series of article summaries chained together.  Reorganize_x000D_
the information into a logical topical outline.  Do not rewrite the_x000D_
whole paper.  Instead, reconceptualize the content in outline format_x000D_
with detailed bullets of the articles that are cited and make sure all_x000D_
APA guidelines are met. Their are many APA errors in this paper._x000D_
There is no APA guideline for outlines but you should adhere to APA_x000D_
guideslines when citing articles in your outline.  Every heading must_x000D_
have at least two entries (e.g., A, B; 1, 2). outline_x000D_
I. Introduction_x000D_
II.Body of paper_x000D_
   A. Topic Number one_x000D_
        1. Subtopic number one_x000D_
               a.) Supporting details #1 (Cite supporting references _x000D_
(I will also email you my already complete reference list but if you_x000D_
see an error let me know :)_x000D_
              b.)Supporting detail #2  (Cite supporting references here)_x000D_
       2. Subtopic Number 2_x000D_
   B.Topic Number 2_x000D_
    C. Topic Number 3_x000D_
III. Conclusion of paper

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