Need short portion of a college research paper completed ASAP.

I need help doing a research paper. I already have two of the 3 topics covered but would like assistance in the third one. It needs to be at MINIMUM of 350 words.

It’s based on gender stereotyping in Media in general but this specific topic is focused on gender stereotyping in magazines and I have the article I would like you to research.

You may use quotes as long as you explain why it’s important and analyze them correctly.

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The citation style that I’m using is APA so if you do not know how to use it then please don’t try since I’ve already had teachers do that and it just gives me more work to do for attempting to fix it.


Try to focus on the American statistics and dis-regard the korean ones. I do not want to see anything related to korean portion of the article.

 Need a Teacher that can do this ASAP and communicate efficiently.

Also the obvious requirement that you must speak fluent english and have proper grammar.

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