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Part A:

Description of a Middle/High School and a teacher you might shadow (ficticious name).

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Provide a detailed and specific reflection to respond to the following:

How is the Middle School setting similar to your Elementary Setting?

How is the Middle School setting different from your Elementary Setting?

What are some positive attributes of the Middle/High School Setting?

What are some needs for improvement you might note in the Middle/High School Setting?

What is your overall impression of your Middle/High School, your Middle/High School teacher you would shadow and your perception of the overall quality of education services provided.

Part B:

1. Description of student

name:( pseudo name)


Disability (or area of concern if not on an IEP or 504)



Current levels of Math and Reading

Standardized test Scores


Career or College Interest (before assessment)

Current course of study (i.e. taking all SPED classes), taking Resource Reading, in gen ed with intervention, etc.)

you can use ficticious information to complete this assignment, thanks.

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