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The four distinct generations consist of Millennials born after 1979, Generation Xers between 1965 and 1979, Baby Boomers between 1946 and1964, and Traditionalists before 1946. The combination of these groups in the workplace creates some social issues that managers need torecognize in order to motivate employees with, generally speaking, vastly different values and resulting behaviors.



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Analyze the following scenarios:

  • Bob Jackson is 44. He is the manager of operations for a mid-sized company. He is always working and many employees at work think that he is a workaholic. His goal is to become the company president before he turns 50. In which generational group would Bob fall? Explain your answer.
  • Jerry Thomas is 28 and has just become the new corporate VP at his company. The older VPs with whom he works see him as impulsive, somewhat self-centered and unwilling to play by the rules. In which generational group would Jerry fall? Explain your answer.

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