Need two paragraphs and two references for each discussion question.


Week 2 Discussion 1

“Recognizing a Value Proposition” Please respond to the following:

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·       Propose a business that you could create and describe the value your business would offer to the customers. Evaluate whether or not your business would create enough value for the customers to succeed and explain why or why not.  

·       From the case study and the first e-Activity, evaluate the value proposition which Rosenblatt offered with iMall. Compare and contrast it to the state of e-Commerce today.


Week 2 Discussion 2

“Assessing Business Feasibility” Please respond to the following:

·       From the case study and the second e-Activity, compare Rosenblatt’s argument about the value of MySpace to the current business status of MySpace. Contrast MySpace and Facebook’s business model and share price today.

·       From the business you proposed in Discussion 1, estimate the cash you would need to start that business and run it for five years. Analyze the difference between profit and cash flow within your business. Support your estimation and your analysis.

Case Study 8

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