Need two sections: Literature review and Methodology.

Need Literature review paper for topic:

“Designing a Program to Enhance Consumers Satisfaction and Improve Organization Performance”
in short “Improving customer satisfaction: (Attached paper worked till now)

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The Literature Review should be at the very least 15-20 pages minimum including literature on methods of implementing the program.

Also after Literature, please include Methodology section. The Methodology chapter is two paragraphs tying the Literature Review into the Project.

An example of the Methodology section is as follows:

The literature reviewed in this study clearly (shows, indicates, etc.) the successful implementation of a _______ program needs to contain _________.

The Project section of this paper describes the implementation of a ——— program to ————- that was designed as a result of this study. The presentation used to describe the implementation to ———- is on display in Appendix A of this paper. (More on this next week.)

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