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Week 5 Project


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Task: Submit to complete this assignment

Due September 18 at 11:59 PM

On the basis of your Week 1 and Week 3 work, analyze your organization against the four-quadrant model factors in organizational design as compared to (A) a modern, recent organizational structure such as Uber, Amazon, or Google, and (B) the traditional, international model of IBM (or similar). What are the benefits or weaknesses of your organizational design as compared to the other organizational structure you selected, based on the fourteen factors in organizational design from Burton and Obel? What are the preferred factors for your organization? What are the recommended action steps for your organization?

In addition to the textbook, also include three to four scholarly sources that help you support and defend your analysis.

Social research deals with people and organizations. It does not result in absolute cause−effect relationships. It only produces probabilities and likelihoods. Therefore, it is important to refrain from using words and phrases such as the facts are, always, results in, and will (will produce and will force). These words and phrases convey perceptions of absoluteness, which is not possible in social research. Words and phrases such as this suggests or seems to indicate are more appropriate.

Conclude with an assessment of how the results of your analysis might lead to possible research in the future. Offer insights that go beyond a thorough summary of current literature and that convey relevant implications for future research.

Submission Details:

Name your document SU_MGT7110_W5_LastName_FirstInitial.

Submit your 8–10-page assessment to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.

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